We need to work together to support genuine goods. That'll help Hong Kong's economy as well as improving our international image.

If you never buy or use pirated or counterfeit goods, we sincerely hope you'll join the "I Pledge" campaign.

Everyone's welcome, whatever your age, sex or occupation. If we come together, our forces will be strong and our voice speaking against piracy and counterfeiting will be louder.

Please don't hold back. Take the initiative, get your whole family and all your friends to join us to sign up as responsible consumers.

  1. To encourage a sense of pride among consumers who refuse to buy pirated and counterfeit goods;
  2. To promote awareness of intellectual property rights and respects for the rights of others; and
  3. To bring the community together to show Hong Kong's commitment on anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting.
Participant's Obligations
  1. I pledge never to get involved in I nternet piracy activities;
  2. I pledge never to purchase or use pirated and counterfeit goods;
  3. I pledge to respect the intellectual property rights of others ; and
  4. I pledge to support and participate in anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting activities.
Online Application